Top Reasons Why ASP.NET Core Is the Best Development Framework

Do you want to explore why ASP.NET Core is the best development framework? Are you looking for what are all the major reasons behind this concept? If yes, then read the guide further and collect the essential details about ASP.NET Core. 

In general, ASP.NET Core is one of the most effective frameworks for web application development. It consists of open-source features that can provide premium functionality, extraordinary performance, remarkable reliability and cross-platform development to develop smart web applications. 

According to the latest reports, around 34.5% of all web applications and websites run on the dot net framework and have gained positive results. 

On that basis, now ASP.NET Core has overcome its predecessor ASP.NET and is going to create a huge impact in the web development world. Hiring the leading .net core development company to develop web applications effectively is the better choice to get 100% quality results. 

What is ASP.NET Core?

ASP.NET Core is the open-source and free web framework that is developed by Microsoft. It is a great successor to ASP.NET. It is the modular framework that can effectively run on both the cross-platform .NET Core and the full .NET Framework, on Windows. But the version 3 of this platform can only work on .NET Core, dropping support of dot net framework. 

Reasons of ASP.NET Core To be the Best Development Framework:

Take a look at below and explore the major reasons why ASP.NET Core is the best development framework:

  • Open-Source Framework

The highlight of the ASP.NET Core is that it is an open source framework. It is the main reason why ASP.NET developers and businesses prefer to use it. Developers can easily use & modify it according to their web application needs with this feature. They can also deploy scalable, convenient and smart web applications for businesses without any issues. 

It has also become easy for developers to fix errors very quickly and deliver the project on time. It also offers more flexibility to developers to add multiple components according to the project’s requirements. 

  • Razor Pages

Razor Pages at ASP.NET Core can make productive programming page-focused scenarios. Hence it is one of the major reasons why ASP.NET Core is the best development framework.  

The page-based coding model can allow engineers from .net core development company to create web applications with innovative and effective user interfaces. Therefore, different web applications are highly expected to add new elements. 

The razor pages are not that much complicated since every page it contains have its own code and view. Each page code is also effectively organized and hence it can deploy apps to the next level and web applications will perform much better. 

  • Advanced Innovatively

To evolve the compilers, APIs, components faster, the ASP.NET Core is effectively designed and it will never allow the applications to stop at any time. Developers can also run multiple versions of this framework simultaneously using the same server. 

It means that they can run any one of them on the new version and let other applications run on the older version. The developers make use of this chance and fulfill the application demands effectively. 

  • Cross-Platform Support 

Developers or programmers can use multiple platforms while using ASP.NET Core and they are not restricted at any time. Through this extraordinary framework, you can easily build a cross-platform application and can let them run on different OS such as Linux and Mac. 

The professional ASP.NET Core developers can also choose their preferred operating system according to the project requirements. Therefore, considering the cross-platform and flexibility nature of ASP.NET Core, it is one of the most effective development frameworks. 

  • Dependency Injection Support

ASP.NET Core provides enhanced extensibility and testability to build different web applications. Here there will be no issues about the third-party frameworks for integrating the software design into those web applications. ASP.NET Core also provides dependency injection support to integrate that design into those applications. 

  • Build High Performance Applications

Generally, customers will expect the developers to build high performance applications. During that time, developers prefer ASP.NET Core to make it possible and meet client requirements. Quality is the major factor that developers and customers will consider to build applications. 

Hence this framework has all such abilities to develop high performance applications. During the code compilation, the system optimizes the code automatically to improve the app development performance. Hence the framework will take care of performance enhancement factors during web application development. 

  • Microsoft Supported Product

ASP.NET Core is the Microsoft supported product and hence people can trust them. As Microsoft is the big name in the business technology world, so there won’t be any issue while developing applications. Both developers and users can depend on it as the product was developed by Microsoft. 

  • Coding is Quick and Simple

Coding is the critical part of web application development. But ASP.NET Core developers can easily create code since it is quick and simple. The framework is very supportive for code creation and code management. The core features are extraordinary such as setting up the site, and client verification during the application development. 

The validated MVC model allows developers to deploy the highly scalable and custom web applications in a better manner. Developers can also save more cost, time and effort to develop the next web application with ASP.NET Core while saving, examining and debugging the code and web application. 

  • Most Advanced Features 

The features of ASP.NET Core are most extraordinary. Take a look at below to explore the features of ASP.NET Core. 

  • Asynchronous Programming Patterns
  • Container and Cross-Platform Support
  • Garbage Collection
  • Multiple Development Mode 
  • Multiple Environments
  • Automatic Management of Memory 
  • Localization and Globalization
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery Protection 
  • Web API Frameworks and Unified MVC
  • Extensible Output Caching


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have explored the reasons why ASP.NET Core is the best development framework. Hence hire the best .net core development company today and get the task done. ASP.NET Core can surely let developers build websites and web applications to the next level.

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