Top 9 YouTube Video Downloaders: for Windows 10

A good YouTube downloader is clutch for saving videos to watch when you don’t have internet. Just imagine the situation – you’re craving those lolcat compilations but there’s no WiFi! Tragedy! But not to worry, a YouTube downloader has got your back to prepare for offline viewing.


Why are desktop downloaders better than online video converters?

Desktop YouTube video downloader apps are superior for saving unlimited videos locally without restrictions. Online converters have limits on file sizes and download speeds.

  • Online converters have file size limits whereas desktop downloaders allow unlimited downloads
  • Online converters have slow download speeds but desktop downloaders are much faster
  • Online converters require downloading each video individually but desktop tools can batch download
  • Desktop downloaders connect directly to YouTube allowing high quality video downloads
  • Desktop tools allow downloading videos in original quality or converting to different formats like MP4, MP3
  • Online converters only work one video at a time making downloading multiple videos tedious
  • Desktop downloaders are more convenient for quickly grabbing many videos to watch offline later
  • Desktop tools give you full control and let you customize your downloads
  • Online converters have restrictive policies while desktop apps have more flexibility
  • Desktop downloaders give you options to edit, convert, organize videos before downloading

Criteria for Selecting the Top 9 YouTube Downloaders

To select the top 9 best Youtube video downloaders for this list, we evaluated the following criteria:

  • Download speed – How fast videos can be downloaded in HD and 4K quality.
  • Format support – Ability to download in MP4, MP3, and more formats.
  • Playlists – Option to download full playlists and channels.
  • Usability – User friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Conversion – Can convert Youtube videos to various formats.
  • Pricing – Free or paid versions available.

9 Best YouTube Downloaders

1 SaveFrom

SaveFrom is a free, minimal YouTube downloader for Windows 10,and it’s an useful tool for downloading YouTube videos on Windows 10. It simplifies downloading videos and playlists with a straightforward interface.


  • Can download videos in HD 1080p quality
  • Option to download full playlists and channels
  • Clean, simple, and intuitive interface
Compact and lightweight designBattery life is only 5 hours$19.99 for SaveFrom
Waterproof and durableSound quality is decent but not amazing$29.99 for SaveFrom Plus
Can be clipped onto bags, clothes, bikes, etc.Limited wireless range of about 30 ft from phone$39.99 for SaveFrom Pro
Hands-free callingMay not stay securely clipped on some surfaces

2 By Click Downloader

By Click Downloader is a basic YouTube downloading tool with an uncomplicated interface. It makes grabbing videos from YouTube easy thanks to its minimal design. By Click Downloader supports downloading videos in HD formats like 720p and 1080p. You can paste the URLs of videos you want to download into the app. It also allows extracting and downloading only the audio track from videos.


  • Download in 720p and 1080p HD
  • Extract and download audio tracks
  • Straightforward and simple interface
Easy one-click downloadingContains ads and popupsFree version
Supports many file types and sitesLimited functionality compared to premium$19.99 per year for premium version
Good download speedsMalware and bloatware concerns$29.99 lifetime purchase for premium version
Browser extension availablePrivacy and data collection worries

3 SSyoutube

SSyoutube can save downloaded videos as MP3 audio files. It also permits downloading age restricted YouTube videos. Additionally, you can download captions and subtitles along with videos.


  • Download videos in 4K quality
  • Save as MP3 audio files
  • Download age restricted videos
  • Get captions and subtitles
Comfortable headband designSound quality is just average$99 for SSyoutube Original
Speakers next to ears allow listening while lying downBattery life is only 12 hours$129 for SSyoutube Pro
Machine washableLimited connectivity and no app

4 AllMyTube

AllMyTube lets you download videos from YouTube and many other sites. It provides more advanced downloading capabilities as simpler YouTube downloaders. You can paste URLs to download or search within the app to find videos. It also allows flexible format conversion.


  • Download videos from various sites
  • Record live streams
  • Clip video segments
  • Download full playlists
Free and easy to useContains adsFree version
Can download videos, audio, subtitlesLimited functionality compared to premium version$19.99 for 1 year premium
Supports many popular websitesMalware concerns due to ad injectors$39.99 lifetime premium
Fast download speedsPrivacy issues and data collection

5 VideoProc

VideoProc is an excellent YouTube downloader thanks to its GPU-accelerated download speeds. It can download videos blazingly fast in up to 4K resolution. One of VideoProc’s best features is its extensive format conversion, allowing you to convert YouTube videos into 200+ output formats. It also enables editing videos by trimming, cropping, rotating, etc.


  • GPU-accelerated fast speeds
  • 4K video download support
  • 200+ output format conversion
  • Editing tools like trimming
Intuitive and easy to use interfaceOnly available for Windows and Mac$29.95 for 1-year plan
Supports over 420 input and 1000+ output video/audio formatsLacks some advanced editing features$39.95 for lifetime license
Fast processing and output speedsConfusing pricing model

6 Leawo YT Downloader

Leawo YT Downloader provides advanced downloading features beyond basic video grabs. It can download 1080p videos and also convert YouTube videos into various formats. You can edit video metadata like the title, artist name, album, etc. before downloading. It also allows downloading subtitles from YouTube videos.


  • 1080p HD video downloads
  • Format conversion abilities
  • Subtitles downloading
  • Metadata editing
Free and easy to useContains adsFree version
Can download in multiple resolutions and formatsExports with watermark on free version$29.95 for 1-year subscription
Fast download speedsConfusing pricing model$39.95 for lifetime license
Browser extension for easy downloadingPrivacy concerns and data collection

7 SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader allows capturing streaming videos from Netflix, Facebook, Twitch, and more. Downloading 4K and 8K videos is supported. The videos are downloaded in their original quality.


  • Download from Netflix, Facebook etc.
  • 4K and 8K YouTube video downloads
  • Original video quality maintained
Free and easy to useContains adsFree version
Supports many social media sitesLimited quality and formats in free version$4.99 per month premium
Fast downloading speedsNo browser extension available$19.99 one-time purchase premium
Mobile app availableMalware and privacy concerns

8 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is one of the best options for easily downloading YouTube videos in Ultra HD 4K quality. It can download entire playlists and channels in bulk, making it convenient for grabbing multiple videos. The downloading speeds are very quick, even for large 4K video files. You can paste URLs or search for videos to download.


  • Fast 4K video downloads
  • Bulk playlist/channel downloads
  • Quick downloading speeds
Free and easy to useContains adsFree version
Supports 4K, 8K and high quality downloadsLimited speeds on free version$15 for 1-year license
Wide format compatibilityNo mobile app$45 lifetime license
Browser extension for quick downloadingLimited technical support

9 Allavsoft

Allavsoft can download 4K, Full HD, and 720p videos quickly. Complex edits like cutting, cropping, rotating videos can be done before downloading. It also functions as an audio extractor.


  • Fast 4K and HD video downloads
  • Built-in video editor
  • Audio extractor capabilities
Supports 4K, 8K, and high quality downloadsExpensive compared to competitors$29.99 for 1-year license
Fast download speedsConfusing version options$45.99 lifetime license
Browser extension for easy downloadingNo mobile app

Comparison of the Best Downloader Apps for windows 10

Name of AppBest ForPrice
SaveFromBasic downloadingFree
By Click DownloaderSimplicityFree
SSyoutubeHigh quality videosFree
AllMyTubeDownloading from multiple sitesFree or $19.95
VideoProcSpeed and conversion$59.95
Leawo YT DownloaderAdvanced featuresFree or $29.95
SnapDownloaderDownloading streaming videos$19.95
4K Video Downloader4K videosFree or $15
AllavsoftFast HD and 4K downloads$59.99

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What languages does Youtube Downloader support?

Most Youtube video downloaders only have English language support. However, some tools like 4K Video Downloader and Allavsoft support multiple languages including French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and more.

2 Where are downloaded Youtube videos saved?

By default, Youtube video downloaders usually save files to the Videos or Downloads folder. However, most tools allow you to customize the download location, so you can save Youtube videos anywhere on your PC.

3 Can I download region blocked Youtube videos?

Yes, one advantage of Youtube video downloaders is being able to download region blocked or country restricted videos from Youtube that you normally can’t access on the website itself. This allows you to grab videos not available in your country.

4. Do the downloaders work on private or age restricted videos?

Most desktop Youtube downloaders can circumvent private video blocks and age restrictions. Tools like SSyoutube, AllMyTube, 4K Video Downloader, and others are able to download private, restricted, and age blocked videos from Youtube that would normally be unavailable without logging in.

To Conclude

A good Youtube video downloader for Windows 10 like the ones mentioned above can benefit you by letting you create an offline video library. You can conveniently watch videos later without an internet connection. We recommend VideoProc as the best option for fast high-quality downloads, format conversion abilities, and easy intuitive interface. Hopefully this list of the top 9 Youtube video downloaders for Windows 10 gave you a better idea of the options available.

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