Swimwear Sizing Decoded: Finding the Right Fit for You

Figuring out your perfect stream suit size could be a daunting task. Swimsuits come in various silhouettes, shapes, and sizes nowadays. Every style may vary in size. It’s crucial to wear a perfectly fitted swimsuit to enjoy your beachy vacation comfortably. Explore various swim swears complimenting your body, from classic body suits to two-piece style wears. Whether you go out to sunbathe or enjoy diving or playing in the sea, a perfect swimwear fit can give you a relaxed and fun vacation. Let’s understand the basics of choosing the ideal swimwear fit for an upcoming beach vacation.

How To Take Measurements for Swimsuit

Choosing the perfect swimwear requires correct and updated measurements of your body. Start by taking measurements to match the chart your favorite brand issued. Taking your measurements yourself has the chance of errors. 

Bonus Tips To Take Correct Measurements:

  • Ask someone else to take measurements to prevent chances of error.
  • Take measurements on bare skin or thin-fitted clothing.
  • Use only soft tape, as rulers or metal tapes would be brutal to move around body contours.
  • If you only have metal tape, measure yourself with string and match it with numbers on a ruler or measuring tape.
  • For men, always measure 1 inch below the navel for your swimwear.

Let’s get to know how to measure your body perfectly: 

Measuring Bust:

Always remove thick clothing and padded dresses or bras for measuring the bust to get accurate measurements. The bust should be measured separately by considering the Band and cup size for a sizzling fit.

  • Band size: Band size measures the area around your rib cage, over with the Band, if your bikini top will fit. To measure band size, get a soft measuring tape and ask someone to snuggle the Band right below your breast. Check the end of the tape; if it’s an even number, mark it as your size. If it’s odd, mark the next nearest even number.
  • Cup Size: Cup measurement is the measure of the fullest part of the breast. Ask someone to wrap the inch tape around the fullest part of your bust firmly while pinching or forming pressure. Mark your cup size and match it with the chart given on the website of your favorite brand.

Measuring Waist:

Waist measure is usually the smallest dip around your torso, which is between your lower rib and hip bone. Ask someone to measure below your last ribs and slightly above the belly button. Take at least two measurements.

Measuring Hips:

Hips are the widest part below the waist and can be easily demarcated with bone prominence. Feel your hip bone a few inches below the belly button on the right and left side. Take measuring tape, circle around your hip, and mark your hip measurements.

Measuring Torso:

Torso measurements are usually not required for two-piece swimwear, but those who like to adorn stylish pieces need a torso measurement. Get someone to measure your torso, starting from your shoulders down towards your hips.

Check your measurements with the charts available for swimwear online. Each brand uses distinct measures to measure the outfit; relate your measurements with the chart given for your favorite swimwear.

Things to avoid white taking swimwear measurements

People often get the wrong-sized swimwear because of sizing or measurement errors. Make sure you measure properly to get the right size for your swimwear. Let’s explore the ways we can determine if a swimsuit fits perfectly or not:

  • Don’t take reference to old clothes for measuring swimwear.
  • Sizes can vary depending on brands. Always cross-check your size with the chart provided by your brand.
  • Men should not give pants waist size from swim trunks and shorts.
  • Look for fabric material for swimwear. Some fabrics offer more stretch and fit than others.

Best swimwear for each body type

Searching for perfect swimwear goes beyond basic sizing. The bikini should also be bought for your body type and personal style to be comfortable and look stunning on your vacation.

  • Hourglass Body: Hourglass bodies can adorn various types of swimwear, ranging from two-piece bodysuits, skirted bottoms, high-waisted bottoms etc, to enhance their curves.
  • Pear Body Type: Women with pear body shapes can use embellished or frilled tips to gain more attention towards the upper body. 
  • Rectangle Body Type: These body types can wear bandeau tops with skirted bottoms to give the illusion of a fuller and curvy body.
  • Inverted Triangle: Women with an inverted triangle body type can try skirted pants over bikini bottoms. Adoring halter tops and bandeau tops can enhance their look.
  • Small Bust: Women with small busts can wear padded bikini tops with bright patterns and colors. 
  • Full Bust: Women with fuller busts can use underwired bikini tops and stretchy material with straps to support their busts. These women can gain balance by adoring solid colors or dark patterns.


Taking correct measurements for swimwear is the first step to grabbing a perfectly fitting swimwear for your vacation. Match your swimwear size on the Miss Amara website to grab stunning swimwear for your vacation.

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