Outside vs Inside Wedding – Which is Better?

A wedding event is quite different from other social gatherings and informal parties. Many brides and grooms dream of decorating their event venues based on their preferred theme. They also choose their dream destinations for the ceremony. But, should you choose an indoor wedding venue or an outdoor site? Sometimes, it is challenging to choose between these options. Let us compare them to find the right choice for your bridal party.

Is an indoor wedding venue a better option?

Some couples prefer an indoor setup for the wedding event because they find it advantageous in several ways.

Better control over the environment:

As the indoor space is weather-proof and climate-controlled, you will have no worries about adverse weather. You can add more décor elements to the indoor venue, as strong winds will not knock them over. Besides, your creamy, multi-layered wedding cake will never melt in the indoor environment. Electric outlets, kitchen rooms, and restrooms will be easily accessible to you and your guests. 

Air-conditioned space:

Comfort is always a significant factor in planning a bridal party. The best indoor venues have air conditioning systems that can be run on the summer day. So, both temperature and lighting will be under your control. Everyone in the party will feel comfortable.

Allow a customizable design:

Most brides and grooms like to impress their guests with attractive and creative decorations. Some indoor event venues are designed in a way that facilitates your decoration. The bespoke decor will catch the eyes of your guests at the party.

Indoor weddings have some negative sides as well. Space constraint is the biggest issue with indoor venues. If the venue size is small compared to your party size, your guests will feel suffocated. Besides, you need to bear the cost of designing the venue.

Why do many people prefer outdoor weddings?

There are some reasons for booking an outdoor venue.

Beautiful natural scenery:

Mother Nature has incomparable beauty and serves as the backdrop for your wedding photos. The presence of breathtaking mountains, shaded trees, a sandy beach, or crashing waves will make your event venue awesome. If it is a reception party at night, the starry sky will make you feel romantic.

No space issue:

If you have invited several guests, it is better to host the event at an outdoor venue. Your videographers and photographers will also find considerable space to navigate freely and snap your photos from different angles. 

Whether it is a public beach, national park, or other outdoor sites, you should consider the permit. But, in some cases, you do not need any permit. Still, you should know if there are noise-related restrictions and other rules in the locality. Another disadvantage of an outdoor wedding is that you may encounter problems if it is a rainy or stormy day.

Many couples choose outdoor settings for wedding ceremonies and prefer an indoor space for reception. Still, you can book the venue based on your preferences. Look for budget-friendly London wedding locations that meet your needs, for example. 


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