Navigating Custom Label Finishing

Custom label finishing is a crucial aspect of label design that goes beyond the initial printing process. It is often the last aspect people think about after all the finalizing steps, following shape, size, and design.

It involves selecting the right coatings and treatments to enhance the appearance, durability, and overall aesthetics of your labels. 

Among the various finishing options available, matte laminate, gloss laminate, and holographic laminate stand out as popular choices. 

Let’s explore how these finishing options can elevate your custom labels:

Matte Laminate: Understated Elegance


Matte laminate is a finishing technique that adds a non-reflective, smooth, and velvety texture to the label surface. It reduces glare and provides a sophisticated, understated look.


Elegant Aesthetics: Matte laminate imparts an elegant and muted appearance to your labels, making it an excellent choice for brands that prefer a more subtle and refined presentation.

Fingerprint Resistance: The matte finish is less prone to showing fingerprints and smudges, maintaining the label’s clean and professional look even after handling.

Best Suited For:

Luxury Products: Matte laminate is often associated with premium and luxury brands, enhancing the perceived value of the product.

Text-Heavy Labels: Ideal for labels with extensive text, as the lack of glare ensures readability under various lighting conditions.

Gloss Laminate: Vibrant and Eye-Catching


Gloss laminate involves the application of a shiny, reflective coating to the label surface. It enhances color vibrancy, creates a polished appearance, and adds a protective layer to the label.


Color Intensity: Gloss laminate amplifies color intensity, making it an excellent choice for labels that aim to grab attention and stand out on the shelf.

Durability: The glossy coating provides a protective layer that makes the label more resistant to scratches, moisture, and general wear and tear.

Best Suited For:

Product Visibility: Ideal for labels on products where vibrant colors and high visibility are crucial, such as in retail environments.

Brands Emphasizing Modernity: Glossy labels convey a modern and dynamic aesthetic, making them suitable for brands targeting a contemporary audience.

Holographic Laminate: Captivating and Unique


Holographic laminate involves the application of a special film that diffracts light, creating a mesmerizing, iridescent effect on the label. It produces a shifting array of colors and adds a unique visual dimension.


Eye-Catching Appeal: Holographic finishes create a captivating and dynamic visual impact, making your labels stand out and engage consumers.

Anti-Counterfeiting: The intricate holographic patterns can serve as a security feature, deterring counterfeiting and enhancing the authenticity of your products.

Best Suited For:

Limited Editions: Ideal for labels on limited edition products, as the holographic effect communicates exclusivity and uniqueness.

Tech and Entertainment Products: Well-suited for brands in the tech or entertainment industry, where a futuristic and attention-grabbing appearance aligns with the brand image.

Considerations for Choosing Finishes:

Brand Image:

Consider the overall image and personality of your brand. The finish you choose should align with the perceived values and aesthetics of your brand.

Product Type:

The nature of your product and its packaging material may influence the choice of finish. Consider factors such as the product’s intended use, the packaging material, and the target market.

Consumer Perception:

Think about how your target audience might respond to different finishes. Matte finishes may convey sophistication, while gloss finishes might suggest modernity. Holographic finishes, on the other hand, may create excitement and intrigue.

Budgetary Constraints:

The cost of different finishing options varies. Consider your budget and weigh the added value that each finish brings to your label design.


In conclusion, custom label finishing is a nuanced decision that requires careful consideration of both aesthetic and functional factors. 

Whether you opt for the subtle elegance of matte laminate, the vibrant allure of gloss laminate, or the captivating uniqueness of holographic laminate, the finishing touches on your labels can significantly impact how consumers perceive and engage with your brand.

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