Marketing Tips for Section 8 Rentals

In order to attract eligible tenants and maintain high occupancy rates, effective marketing strategies are crucial for promoting Section 8 rentals. This article offers valuable insights and tips on how property owners and managers can professionally and efficiently market their rentals.

By utilizing these marketing strategies, property owners and managers can maximize their Section 8 rental opportunities and attract families in need of affordable housing.

Online Advertising and Listing Sites

Online advertising and listing sites play a crucial role in marketing Section 8 rentals. These platforms provide an efficient way to reach a wide audience of potential tenants seeking affordable housing online. One effective strategy is to list properties on local public housing agency (PHA) lists, ensuring that your rentals are visible to those specifically searching for Section 8 housing options.

Utilizing websites like allows landlords to participate in a section 8 landlord list to list their properties and pre-screen tenants, streamlining the process for both parties. Additionally, it is essential to include Section 8 friendly information in your listings on popular platforms such as Zillow and Taking advantage of listing syndication through property management software like Innago can further increase visibility.

Consider utilizing Premium ads on for additional exposure. By leveraging online advertising and listing sites when the section 8 list open, landlords can effectively connect with potential Section 8 tenants and fill vacancies.

Reach Out to Local Affordable Housing Case Workers

To effectively market Section 8 rentals, it is crucial to establish connections with local affordable housing case workers who possess extensive knowledge and networks in the field of affordable housing. These case workers are social service and housing professionals who work closely with families in need of affordable housing solutions.

By leveraging their expertise, landlords can promote their rentals to the right audience. Building personal relationships with case workers can improve marketing efforts as they can provide valuable insights on potential tenants and connect landlords with families in need of housing.

Additionally, these case workers have networks within the community and can spread information about available properties to increase visibility. Collaborating with local affordable housing case workers is a strategic approach to successfully market Section 8 rentals.

Make Flyers for the Social Services Office

Establishing a strong presence in the community, landlords of Section 8 rentals can create flyers for the social services office as an effective marketing strategy. These flyers can be distributed at social services offices in the landlord’s county and neighboring counties.

Social service workers are often aware of families in need of affordable housing and can assist in promoting the rentals. By leaving information at these offices, landlords can increase the visibility of their properties and attract potential tenants.

Families who visit the social services office can join the Section 8 waitlist and apply for the rentals. This targeted approach allows landlords to reach a specific audience and connect with individuals who are actively seeking affordable housing options.

Connect With Local Government Authorities

Landlords of Section 8 rentals can enhance their marketing efforts by establishing connections with local government authorities.

One way to do this is by sharing information and flyers with local police and fire departments. This can help landlords reach families in need of housing who may interact with these authorities.

Another effective strategy is to establish relationships with local elected officials. These officials can provide support and connections that can be beneficial for landlords. For example, they can assist with zoning and help landlords establish their properties as affordable housing units.

By collaborating with government authorities, landlords can tap into their networks and promote their rentals to the target renters. This not only increases visibility but also builds credibility and trust among potential tenants.

Therefore, connecting with local government authorities is a valuable marketing tactic for landlords of Section 8 rentals.


In conclusion, marketing Section 8 rentals effectively is crucial for property owners and managers to attract eligible tenants and ensure maximum occupancy rates. By utilizing online advertising platforms, establishing connections with local affordable housing case workers, distributing informative flyers, and collaborating with local government authorities, property owners can enhance their property’s visibility and attract families in need of affordable housing.

Implementing a preferred employer program further aids in attracting tenants with stable employment and leveraging community connections for referrals. These strategies are essential for property owners to maximize their Section 8 rental opportunities.

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