Having Compassion for Others, and For Yourself

If there’s one thing people like the late comedian Robin Williams taught the world, it was compassion. He was already ready to make people laugh, and he left the world a better place for all the jokes he told and the ways he showed that he cared about people. Having compassion is important, but all too often it’s focused only on other people and not on yourself. Caring about yourself and giving yourself grace is just as important as doing the same for others.

Compassion for Others Makes the World Better

Caring about others is nothing new, but it seems to be in short supply sometimes. The good news is that there are always endless opportunities to show others that they matter if you know where to look. You can volunteer to help people who need it, take on a small burden for someone else, or just smile at strangers. Lending a hand or a listening ear doesn’t have to take a long time, and it can change people’s lives for the better. It’ll boost your mood to help someone, too.

You Need Compassion for Yourself, Too

According to Ian Weisberg, it’s important to be compassionate with your own life, not just with the lives of others. Many people are very critical of themselves and don’t see their value, while they work to build up their friends and family members. You should be just as compassionate and caring with yourself as you are with your loved ones, though. You matter just as much as they do and need to remember that you have value just from being you.

Cultivate Care and Empathy in Your Life

The cultivation of empathy and care is one of the best things you can do to live a fulfilled life, says Dr. Ian Weisberg. People who care about themselves can live longer and happier lives in many cases because they take proper care of their mental and physical health. That’s not a longevity guaranteed, of course, but it shows that you’re doing your part to enjoy and experience the beauty in life to the fullest, for the longest period of time.

Focus on Your Future With Grace for the Journey

A focus on your future can also help you have compassion for yourself. Maybe you want to make a big change in your life, or you see yourself living very differently from where you are now. If that’s the case, you need to give yourself grace and understanding while you work toward your goals. You can get there, even if it takes longer than you’d like. What would you say to a friend in your same situation?

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