Cox Internet – Best TV and Internet Plans in 2023

Cox Internet

Cox Communication is the 3rd biggest broadband network serving more than 6 million people and the thing that matters the most to a consumer is the trust one has to gain by their services. Cox in the past few years have successfully gained consumer’s interest and the trust and almost outplayed all other service provider in terms of facilitating the users.

Cox is well known for their ultra-fast Cox Internet. They have always kept consumer’s choice and preference as their top priority and what makes them slightly better than the others is their super active 24/7 customer support service. The network provides one of the best customer support service in town to provide maximum facilities to the user so that one should have less troubleshooting problems or users can directly contact at the given number for any query. Cox deals in the variety of plans and packages so that their customers can get choice of what to choose, and it totally depends on their usage, consumption and the number of devices they are planning to connect.

Cox is offering one of the best plans and package for the users in 2023, whether it is internet or their premium Contour TV, they are always up to give better quality service to individual, without wasting your time, let’s discuss about their best offered packages in 2023.

How about we jump into their amazing Bundles being offered and have a look.

Cox comes with 5 internet plans to give choices to their users.

  • Go Fast

Go Fast is the plan offered to the users who have small tasks to do, like checking mail, texting or a little use of social media or maybe you can play games because the download speed in this plan is around 100mbps and that is obviously not enough for high end users. You can easily connect up to 5 devices. Price for this plan starts with 49.99$ per month.

  • Go Faster

This plan is offered for the users who want a stable and reliable connection where they can at least watch multiple videos and download their favorite shows easily. The plan offers around 250mbps maximum download speed. You can easily connect more than 7 devices, and the package has received tremendous response amongst the users. Starts with a decent price of 69.99$.

  • Go Even Faster

Go Even Faster is the package that seems to be one of the hot favorites in town because in this package, users can easily download huge files, can play multi player video games as this package comes with tremendous 500mbps download speed and can connect up to 9 devices. It is clearly for the users who love ultra HD graphics.

  • Go Super Fast

The package comes with nothing is impossible thing because in this package, you can stream online, can play whatever games you want and the availability of this package is also good in area they cover. The tier offers 1Gbps of download speed and you can easily connect more than 9 devices. 

  • Go Beyond Fast

Cox Internet comes with their latest and the most premium package in the category as they offer 2Gbps download speed but the package is still not available in every state but after the availability, I believe the package would be a game changer as they are offering blazing speed.

Making your mind to be a Cox Family Member, wait I’ll show you their terrific TV plans and that will blow your mind.

Television is what we need in our daily routines to avoid the stress we get from our tough days at work, right? I believe we all need a good provider who can provide value to our money as a consumer. Cox Contour TV is the source you can go ahead. Without wasting your time, I’ll take you straight to the analyses.

Cox Contour TV comes with 4 different plans and it also depends on the user, like what of consumer are they.

  • Contour TV – Standard 

Cox has named their TV service as Contour TV boxes and this is the 1st package offered by Cox Communications. The plan is suitable for the users who prefer minimal is better because this package give their users to access 75 local channels and some premium channels too starts with 56.00$ per month.

  • Contour TV – Preferred

Preferred is the package offered to the users who want a better experience and can have multiple choice in channels so that is why they offer more than 140 local and premium channels. Starts with 99$.

  • Contour TV – Preferred Plus

Cox Contour Preferred Plus comes with more than 175 channels to give much better experience to the users. The package is for those who want variety in every channel and want to watch different contents. The package starts with 125$.

  • Contour TV – Ultimate 

TV Ultimate Is for those people who think nothing is enough and don’t worry because Cox knows better what you want. The tier comes with more than 250 channels in 139$ only.

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