Colleen Hoover’s Masterpieces: 15 Unforgettable Romances and Emotional Journeys

best colleen hoover books

Colleen Hoover is a name synonymous with emotionally charged and unforgettable contemporary romance novels. With a talent for crafting compelling stories that delve deep into the complexities of love, relationships, and the human spirit, Hoover has earned a devoted following of readers worldwide. Among her extensive bibliography, several novels stand out as the very best of her work, each offering a unique and poignant narrative that leaves an indelible mark on the heart.

From the heartwarming and poetic “Slammed” to the suspenseful and dark “Verity,” Hoover’s storytelling prowess shines through, captivating readers with her relatable characters and thought-provoking themes. In the pages of these 15 exceptional novels, readers will find love, loss, redemption, and the enduring power of the human connection. Join us on a journey through Colleen Hoover’s literary world as we explore the top 15 books that have solidified her as a master of contemporary romance and storytelling.

Top 15 Best Colleen Hoover Books

Certainly, let’s delve deeper into each of the 15 best Colleen Hoover books , providing a detailed description for each:

1. “Slammed” (2012):

“Slammed” is the novel that introduced readers to Colleen Hoover’s talent for crafting emotionally charged romances. The story revolves around Layken, a young woman whose life is upended by the sudden death of her father. As she and her family try to cope with their loss, Layken finds herself drawn to Will, her handsome and charismatic poetry teacher. Their connection is immediate and intense, but there’s a twist: Will has a rule against dating students. The novel beautifully explores themes of love, grief, and the power of words. Hoover’s poetic prose and the genuine chemistry between Layken and Will make “Slammed” a compelling and heartwarming read.

2. “Point of Retreat” (2012):

In the sequel to “Slammed,” we continue to follow the journey of Layken and Will as they navigate the challenges of their budding relationship. The story delves deeper into their individual struggles and the obstacles they face together. It’s a testament to the strength of love when faced with adversity, and readers will find themselves rooting for this endearing couple.

3. “This Girl” (2013):

“This Girl” provides a fresh perspective on Layken and Will’s love story, told from Will’s point of view. As the couple reminisces about their past, readers gain insight into the depth of their emotions and the challenges they’ve overcome. It’s a touching exploration of their relationship and the enduring power of love.

4. “Hopeless” (2012):

In “Hopeless,” Colleen Hoover takes us on an emotional rollercoaster through the lives of Sky and Dean Holder. Sky appears to have a normal life, but her world is turned upside down when she meets Holder, a boy with a mysterious past. As their connection deepens, they uncover dark secrets about their intertwined histories. The novel masterfully combines elements of romance, mystery, and suspense, keeping readers engaged and emotionally invested until the very end.

5. “Losing Hope” (2013):

“Losing Hope” is a companion novel to “Hopeless” and offers readers the opportunity to experience the story from Holder’s perspective. It provides a deeper understanding of Holder’s character, his own struggles, and the profound impact Sky has on his life. This dual perspective adds depth and complexity to the overall narrative.

6. “Ugly Love” (2014):

Colleen Hoover explores themes of healing and love in “Ugly Love.” Tate and Miles are two wounded souls who find solace in each other’s company. Miles is a pilot with a tragic past, and Tate is a nursing student trying to move forward from her own pain. Their passionate and intense connection becomes a means of healing for both, but it also challenges them to confront their pasts and insecurities. “Ugly Love” is a heart-wrenching and beautifully written story that showcases Hoover’s ability to craft deeply emotional narratives.

7. “Confess” (2015):

In “Confess,” Hoover introduces readers to Auburn and Owen, whose lives become intertwined through a unique art exhibit where people confess their deepest secrets. The confessions become the basis for Owen’s art, and as Auburn and Owen’s paths cross, they are drawn into a love story filled with heartache, hope, and the transformative power of truth and art. The novel is a poignant exploration of the ways in which love can heal and inspire.

8. “November 9” (2015):

“November 9” is a captivating and unique love story that follows Fallon and Ben, who meet on the same date each year, November 9th, for five years. During these annual encounters, they share their dreams, fears, and aspirations. This arrangement leads to unexpected twists and turns as their lives evolve, creating a deeply moving and memorable narrative. The novel beautifully explores the idea that love can transcend time and circumstance.

9. “It Ends with Us” (2016):

“It Ends with Us” is a departure from Hoover’s traditional romance novels as it tackles a difficult and sensitive subject—domestic abuse. The story follows Lily Bloom as she meets Ryle Kincaid, a neurosurgeon with a complex past. Their relationship is passionate and tumultuous, but Lily is determined to break the cycle of abuse that has plagued her family for generations. The novel is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of love, resilience, and the choices we make to protect ourselves and those we care about.

10. “Without Merit” (2017):

“Without Merit” introduces readers to Merit Voss, a teenager from a quirky and dysfunctional family. Merit’s life takes a surprising turn when she meets Sagan, a handsome outsider with secrets of his own. As Merit and Sagan’s connection deepens, they both find solace in each other’s presence, and the novel explores themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and the healing power of love. Hoover’s skillful storytelling makes “Without Merit” a touching and relatable read.

11. “All Your Perfects” (2018):

In “All Your Perfects,” Hoover delves into the complexities of marriage through the story of Quinn and Graham. The couple faces the heartbreaking challenge of infertility, which strains their relationship to the breaking point. The novel alternates between the past and the present, providing a poignant and honest portrayal of love, resilience, and the enduring bond between two people who must confront their flaws and insecurities to find their way back to each other.

12. “Verity” (2018):

“Verity” is a departure from Hoover’s traditional romance novels, offering readers a thrilling and suspenseful narrative. The story follows Lowen Ashleigh, a struggling writer who is hired to complete the remaining novels of the famous author Verity Crawford, who is unable to write due to an accident. As Lowen delves into Verity’s unfinished manuscript, she discovers dark secrets that put her own life in jeopardy. The novel is a gripping and chilling exploration of obsession, betrayal, and the blurred lines between fiction and reality.

13. “Heart Bones” (2020):

In “Heart Bones,” Colleen Hoover explores the themes of healing and self-discovery through the characters of Beyah and Samson. Beyah moves to a coastal town for the summer, hoping to escape her troubled past. There, she meets Samson, a local with his own share of secrets and pain. Their connection is immediate, and as they open up to each other, they begin to heal the wounds of their pasts. The novel beautifully captures the power of love to mend broken hearts and souls.

14. “Reminders of Him” (2021):

“Reminders of Him” continues the story of Kenna and Gabriel, whose pasts are intertwined. Kenna, still haunted by her brother’s death, is forced to confront her past when Gabriel returns to town. Secrets and unresolved feelings resurface, testing their newfound connection. The novel delves into themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the healing power of love as Kenna and Gabriel navigate the complexities of their past and present.

15. “Reminders of Her” (2022):

The sequel to “Reminders of Him,” “Reminders of Her” further explores the evolving relationship between Kenna and Gabriel. As they continue to confront their shared history, the novel delves deeper into their individual growth and the challenges they face together. It’s a compelling continuation of their story, filled with emotional depth and poignant moments.

Frequently Asks Question (FAQs)

  1. Which Colleen Hoover is best to read first?
    The best Colleen Hoover book to start with often depends on your reading preferences, but “Slammed” is a good choice for a captivating introduction to her work.
  2. What order should I read Colleen Hoover’s books?
    There isn’t a strict order to read Colleen Hoover’s books since many of them are standalone novels. However, if you prefer to follow a chronological order of publication, you can start with her earlier works like “Slammed” and then progress to her more recent ones.
  3. Should I read It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover?
    Yes, “It Ends With Us” by Colleen Hoover is highly recommended if you enjoy emotionally charged and thought-provoking contemporary romance novels. It tackles important themes and is often considered one of her most impactful works.
  4. Is It Ends With Us a romance?
    Yes, “It Ends With Us” is a romance novel, but it also explores deeper and more complex themes related to love, resilience, and personal growth.
  5. Will It Ends With Us be a movie?
    As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, there were discussions about turning “It Ends With Us” into a movie, but no official confirmation had been made. I recommend checking the latest news or Colleen Hoover’s official website or social media for updates on any potential film adaptation.
  6. Can a 13 year old read It Ends With Us?
    “It Ends With Us” deals with mature themes, including domestic abuse, so it may not be suitable for all 13-year-olds. Parents or guardians should assess whether the content is appropriate for their child’s maturity level and sensitivity to these topics.
  7. What is the most read Colleen Hoover book?
    “It Ends With Us” has been one of Colleen Hoover’s most widely read and acclaimed novels due to its powerful and thought-provoking themes.
  8. Is It Starts With Us spicy?
    There is no book titled “It Starts With Us” by Colleen Hoover. Perhaps you meant to refer to another title, or it may be a mistaken title.
  9. Is Verity a stand-alone book?
    Yes, “Verity” by Colleen Hoover is a standalone romantic thriller and does not have a direct sequel. It’s a gripping and intense read.
  10. Which Colleen Hoover book should I read first: It Ends With Us or It Starts With Us?
    Since “It Starts With Us” is not a known Colleen Hoover title, I recommend starting with “It Ends With Us” or one of her other well-known books like “Slammed” or “Hopeless.”
  11. What genre is Colleen Hoover?
    Colleen Hoover primarily writes in the contemporary romance genre, often infusing her novels with elements of drama, suspense, and emotional depth.
  12. Is It Ends With Us spicy?
    “It Ends With Us” does contain mature and emotional themes, but it is not typically described as a spicy or explicit romance novel. It focuses more on the emotional and psychological aspects of relationships.
  13. Is It Ends With Us a sad book?
    “It Ends With Us” can be emotionally intense and has moments of sadness due to its exploration of serious themes, including domestic abuse. However, it also carries themes of hope and resilience.
  14. What is the age rating for Verity?
    “Verity” contains mature themes and suspenseful elements, so it is recommended for mature readers. It may not be suitable for younger readers due to its content.
  15. Is it OK if I read It Starts With Us before It Ends With Us?
    As mentioned earlier, there is no known Colleen Hoover book titled “It Starts With Us.” Therefore, you can’t read it before “It Ends With Us.” If you meant a different title, please specify, and I can provide more information.


In conclusion, our journey through the top 15 Colleen Hoover books has been a testament to the power of storytelling and the enduring impact of love, resilience, and human connection. Colleen Hoover’s remarkable ability to craft emotionally charged narratives has left an indelible mark on the hearts of readers worldwide. From the heartwarming and poetic beginnings of “Slammed” to the powerful and thought-provoking exploration of domestic abuse in “It Ends With Us,” Hoover has consistently pushed the boundaries of contemporary romance literature.

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