Andre Darque Biography, Nationality, Occupation, Spouse and Net Worth in 2023

Andre Darque

Andre Darque and his ex-wife, Syren De Mer, is a tale of two individuals who briefly shared their lives in the spotlight before heading down separate paths. Andre Darque, previously a relatively unknown figure, gained momentary fame due to his association with Syren De Mer, a renowned actress, particularly within the adult film industry.

Born in Bellingham, Washington, in 1969, Syren De Mer’s journey to stardom began when she pursued her passion for photography, earning a degree from the Seattle Art Institute. It was during her time in Seattle that she crossed paths with Andre Darque, and the two embarked on a journey of love and matrimony. However, their marriage eventually reached a crossroads, leading to a divorce.

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Who is Andre Darque?

Andre Darque rose to prominence primarily through his association with his wife. Their recent announcement of separation thrust him into the spotlight temporarily. While his own accomplishments were overshadowed by his wife’s fame, this separation revealed a glimpse of his own identity.

In the wake of their separation, Andre Darque’s life has garnered significant attention from the public and media. He had previously remained relatively anonymous, content to stay in the background while his wife basked in the limelight. However, with their union dissolving, people are now curious about the man behind the scenes.

Meet The Ex-Spouse of Andre, Syren De Mer

Syren De Mer, the former spouse of Andre Darque. Born on June 24, 1969, in Bellingham, Washington, Syren De Mer embarked on her journey to fame from a young age. Following her high school graduation, she relocated to Seattle, where she pursued her passion for photography by enrolling at the Seattle Art Institute. There, she diligently worked her way to earning a photography degree.

It was during her time at the Seattle Art Institute that Syren De Mer crossed paths with Andre Darque, and their connection eventually led to marriage. Unfortunately, their journey together has taken a different turn, and they are no longer a couple.

Syren De Mer’s story is one of determination and creativity, as she followed her dreams in the world of photography. Her union with Andre Darque was a significant chapter in her life, but their separation has marked a new phase for both individuals. As they move forward on separate paths, Syren De Mer’s artistic talents and journey continue to captivate and inspire those who have followed her career.

Andre Darque Net Worth

As of 2023, Andre Darque boasts an estimated net worth surpassing the impressive milestone of $2 million. This financial achievement underscores his success and financial stability in recent years.

While specifics regarding the sources of his wealth may not be widely publicized, it is evident that Andre Darque has managed to amass a substantial fortune. Whether through entrepreneurial endeavors, investments, or other avenues, his net worth reflects his financial acumen and strategic decision-making.

This substantial net worth places him among a select group of individuals who have achieved financial prosperity. It not only affords him a comfortable lifestyle but also provides opportunities for further investments and ventures, should he choose to pursue them.


In conclusion, the narratives of Andre Darque and Syren De Mer are tales of personal and professional evolution, underscored by their brief but impactful union and subsequent divergence. Andre Darque, once a figure obscured by the shadow of his renowned spouse, found himself thrust into the limelight when their marriage captured public attention. His net worth, now exceeding $2 million, symbolizes his financial acumen and the potential for continued success.

Syren De Mer’s journey, born in Bellingham and honed through her pursuit of photography in Seattle, showcases her creative spirit and dedication. Her path led her to love and marriage with Andre Darque, forming a family that has since evolved into separate lives.

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