How to Secure Your Mobile Numbers: A Comprehensive Guide to Using ‘Hesabati’ in the UAE

Discover how ‘Hesabati,’ a free online service by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), safeguards your mobile numbers under the Emirates ID. Follow our detailed guide on using ‘Hesabati’ to prevent unauthorized SIM card registrations and ensure the security of your personal information.

Safeguarding Your Mobile Numbers with ‘Hesabati’ in the UAE

In the rapidly advancing digital landscape, the UAE introduces ‘Hesabati,’ a cutting-edge digital initiative by the TDRA. This service empowers Emirates ID holders to monitor and protect their mobile and fixed-line numbers, preventing any unauthorized SIM card registrations that could lead to potential misuse.

What is ‘Hesabati’ and its Significance?

‘Hesabati’ is a digital initiative specifically designed for individuals with a valid Emirates ID. Its primary goal is to provide users with a comprehensive view of all mobile and fixed-line numbers registered under their Emirates ID with major telecom service providers in the UAE, such as Du, Etisalat, and Virgin Mobile.

This initiative aligns with the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority’s commitment to safeguarding individuals against the misuse of their personal information. The service ensures that no SIM card is registered without the user’s explicit knowledge and consent.

Accessing ‘Hesabati’: A Step-by-Step Guide

To utilize the ‘Hesabati’ service effectively, users must possess a UAE Pass, the national digital identity for citizens and residents in the UAE. Here’s a step-by-step guide to accessing and utilizing ‘Hesabati’:

  1. Visit the TDRA Homepage

Navigate to the TDRA homepage and locate the ‘Our Initiatives’ section. Click on ‘read more’ under ‘Hesabati,’ and then click ‘here.’

  1. Sign in with UAE Pass

After reaching the ‘Hesabati’ page, sign in with your UAE Pass. If you don’t have an account, click ‘Create an account,’ and TDRA, along with UAE Pass, will automatically create one for you.

  1. Explore Your Active Numbers

Within minutes, ‘Hesabati’ will provide a detailed list of all active mobile and fixed-line numbers registered under your Emirates ID. This includes information such as account number, account type (pre-paid or post-paid), mobile subscription plan, and the expiry date, synchronized with your Emirates ID expiry.

  1. Detecting Unauthorized SIMs

If you identify an unknown mobile number in the list, it indicates an unauthorized SIM under your name. Click on the ‘Make A Complaint’ button below the number to report the issue.

  1. Making a Complaint

Upon clicking ‘Make A Complaint,’ select your mobile service provider, describe the issue, and click ‘Submit.’ TDRA will issue a reference number for tracking, and follow-up will be conducted via email. For urgent concerns, contact TDRA’s call center at 800 12.

  1. Directly Contacting Service Providers

Alternatively, reach out directly to your mobile service provider to report an unauthorized SIM. Contact Etisalat at 800 101, Du at 800 155, or use the ‘Virgin Mobile UAE’ app for Virgin Mobile.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is ‘Hesabati’ free to use?

A: Yes, accessing ‘Hesabati’ is entirely free, providing Emirates ID holders with a valuable tool to ensure the security of their mobile numbers.

Q: How can I obtain a UAE Pass?

A: Visit the official UAE Pass website to sign up and acquire your national digital identity for seamless access to services like ‘Hesabati.’

Q: What should I do if I find an unauthorized SIM?

A: Click on ‘Make A Complaint,’ follow the prompts, and contact TDRA or your mobile service provider to resolve the issue promptly.

In conclusion, ‘Hesabati’ emerges as a vital tool for UAE residents, offering transparency and control over their mobile numbers. By adhering to the provided steps, individuals can actively contribute to the prevention of unauthorized SIM card registrations, reinforcing the security of their personal information.

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